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Newsletter December 2017 Newsletter

I think that everyone involved in real estate knows how difficult it is to get a construction project through to completion, and it has been interesting to see how much the media have been talking about this subject over the past few months; particularly the slowness of the authorities in agreeing on permits and so on. As architects, we know this more than most, since it is probably one of the most difficult aspects of our job.

Despite this, as we move towards the end of the year, we are happy to report that some of our bigger projects are now moving at a reasonable speed, and a couple of them that had slowed down for a while are beginning to move again. Our large-residential project in Plzen is taking shape, the huge Zlaty Lihovar development in Prague 5 is moving and we have just been appointed on a fantastic new project that is already making the headlines; the redevelopment of the famous Hotel Evropa on Wenceslas Square.

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GeddesKaňka Ltd. was established in December, 2007, by its Managing Director, Tomáš Kaňka, together with his partner, Clark Geddes, the head of Geddes Architects in the UK.

The relationship between the two partners began when Tomáš moved to London to join Geddes Architects in 2005. During this time he was involved in several international projects, including the design of a major extension to the Olympia Shopping Centre in Brno, Czech Republic, during the period 2005-2007. Such was the success of this project that the decision was made to open a local office which would be a partnership between Tomáš and Clark Geddes, and in January 2008 the doors opened on GeddesKaňka Ltd., with Tomáš heading up a team of architects and civil engineers.

With its unique ability to call on expertise and international know-how from the London office, but at the same time offering in-depth local knowledge, GeddesKaňka has quickly made a name for itself as one of the leading architect offices in Prague, specializing in architecture, urbanism, interior design and private development projects.

Now based in Tomkova, Prague 5, the GeddesKaňka team is a rapidly expanding group of young and dynamic architects and civil engineers and its completed and ongoing portfolio includes several high profile projects, not least the complex and potentially spectacular Zlatý Lihovar development in Smíchov, Prague 5.

If you would like to know more about Geddes Architects in the UK, click here. To find out more about GeddesKaňka, please read on!

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